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Ranna Emamjomeh

  • Director and Head Coach
  • University of Louisville - B.S. Physiology
  • Proud Auntie to Jett and Baby #2
  • Multiple NCA National Champion
  • 2x World Silver Medalist
  • Named 2014 as TOP “35 under 35” in Cheer Biz Magazine
  • Fun Fact: Ranna just got married in Paris, France to her long time love, Andy Gil. 


Adam Najar

  • Texas Tech Alumni
  • Tumbling and Private Coach
  •  Loves being a part of a coaching staff for a World's Team/Major's Champion
  • Loves when a kids get a new skill for the first time!
  • Coaching Style: Upbeat, fun and energy!
  • Fun Fact: Adam is like a cat w/9 lives. #prayforadam


Becca Chase

  • Univeristy of Nevada, Las Vegas Graduate
  • Coach: Las Vegas Teams: Roulettes, Shimmer, and Glam
  • NCA National Champion
  • NCA head instructor, going on six years
  • Choreographer for high school and All Star cheer
  • Varsity Panel Judge
  • Fifth grade teacher and Program Director of Charter Cheer Program
  • Fun Fact: ICU World Champion with Team USA


Chris Bosworth

  • Tumbling Director of CA Las Vegas
  • Has implemented a successful tumbling program at CALI
  • Competed in the Jr Olympics as part of Michigan Academy of Gymnastics 
  • Coach for 10 years
  • Coaching Style: Technical, Task Master and focuses on Progressions.
  • Fun Fact: “I want to be able to do a back tuck when I'm 60.”


Cristi Hays- Richberg

  • California State University, Long Beach
  • Head Coach: Small Senior Coed 4 (Black Jacks), Small Jr 3 (Lady Money)
  • Known for her fierce routines and creative transitions. 
  • Assistant coach for the CALI Aces 
  • Multiple NCA Champion
  • 2x Worlds Silver Medalist
  • Summit Champ and 2x Silver Medalist 
  • Proud Mother of 2!
  • Fun fact: She cheered at Long Beach State and was in the movie "The Hot Chick"


Kimsey Johnson

  • Head Coach  
  • Mother of 2 beautiful boys!
  • Known for her high energy Wild Cards Team and fun personality!
  • Multiple NCA, AC, and SS Championships Titles 
  • Coach of 7 (as of now) full paid bids to SUMMIT
  • 2 SUMMIT Titles
  • Fun Fact:  Kimsey can easily amuse anyone in the room! Her personality is priceless. She loves cats. She has a kitty named Meow Meow.


Kyle Winslow

  • Head Coach: Glam, Shimmer, Wildcards, & Mid-year
  • Coach: Diamonds & J-fortune 
  • Multiple NCA national champion
  • Won Several Innovative/Choreography Awards  
  • Former CA Athlete 
  • Coaching style: Energetic, Passionate, and Determined 
  • Fun fact: Kyle also has a background in Theatre & Dance. His favorite styles of dance are hip-hop, jazz, & lyrical. 


Shauna Hubbard

  • Head Coach World Famous Roulettes
  • Mother of 2!
  • Known for her genius, creative mind – her pyramids are amazing!
  • Multiple NCA, AC, and SS Championships Titles 
  • Coach of 7 (as of now) full paid bids to SUMMIT
  • 2 SUMMIT Titles. 
  • Fun Fact: Shauna can easily solve the Rubix Cube Puzzle!


Tenay Duran

  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas -  M.A. Education 
  • Head Coach
  • Mother of 4 Boys and Wife to Daniel Duran
  • Known for her clean, tight routines!
  • Multiple NCA, AC, and SS Championships Titles 
  • Coach of 7 (as of now) full paid bids to SUMMIT
  • 2 SUMMIT Titles. 
  • Favorite Food: Kimchee, Pop Tarts and Greens


Travis Vance

  • Office Manager (Las Vegas)
  • Student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Fun Fact: Travis has never been a cheerleader

Staff - 1 to 10 of 10